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New Relic Integration with PagerDuty

We are very excited to announce a new integration with New Relic. As with all of our integrations, once you hook up New Relic to PagerDuty, you’ll be able to set up phone, SMS and email alerts for critical issues … Continue reading

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Triggering an alert from a phone call (code sample)

I get a lot of requests to handle & escalate phone calls as well as alerts from monitoring systems. Here’s a code sample that lets you hand out a phone number, let the caller record a message and have that … Continue reading

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Not breaking your Google Analytics (like a pro)

As a general rule, whatever percentage you think your test coverage is, it isn’t. Whatever amount of the known surface area you’re covering, there’s going to be an exciting swath of things you didn’t realize that you need to test. … Continue reading

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We have a mobile site

We’re an engineering-heavy organization, but recently we’ve taken on a critical mass of design passion in the organization and hopefully it’s starting to show. Simon built out a mobile site to facilitate acknowledging and resolving alerts from your phone: Now … Continue reading

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